Thursday, February 23, 2012


A couple of weeks ago I had a wonderful ramble around the Greek Glendi held at St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church. I so enjoyed the guided tour of the church with its Byzantine art that I went back for a second wander, and took loads of photographs of just about everything (with their permission, of course)!

The delicious and authentic Greek food that was served over the course of the four-day event was probably the biggest draw for the thousands of visitors who attended, but there was also plenty of dancing and live music highlighting Greek culture.

I especially enjoyed watching the kids dancing in their colorful and elaborate costumes, and all of the parents and grandparents looking on so proudly. And those Loukoumathes! Light and fluffy honey puffs served with syrup and dusted with cinnamon - just heavenly!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

17th Annual Scottish Highland Games & Celtic Festival

This guy wanted a photo of his girlfriend
and a cow. I daren't ask why.
This past Saturday I wandered around the Scottish Highland Games & Celtic Festival being held at the Sarasota Fairgrounds. I'm not Scottish (I think I am perhaps one-fourth Irish, through a grandmother who died 40 years before I was born) and I'd never been to this particular event before, but I thought it might make a fun afternoon out. Indeed it was! I met lots of nice folks, many of whom were researching their heritage, took plenty of pictures, and heard some very lively music by Albannach, a Scottish tribal drumming band. I even bought myself a present of a little silver Kells knot design pendant and a ring. I also came home with some delicious blueberry scones which I have been having for breakfast ever since, and some Empire Biscuits, which barely lasted out the weekend! So it was a very good day out all in all.
Albannach onstage.

HERE is a link to my best pics of the day.