Monday, July 20, 2009

Mary Wigham progress

Not a lot of progress this weekend, but I offer an amusing aside. We are supposed to be recreating this heirloom sampler exactly as it was stitched 220 years ago, flaws and all, yet I find myself fighting an uncontrollable desire to correct the pattern, and losing! Forgive me, Mary Wigham, but I want your medallions to be as perfect as possible and I can't control my inner neat freak. :) Besides, it's fun seeing if I can get all the various arrangements to fit correctly in the end. I can imagine that adjustments were made by the original stitchers as they went along, so in a sense I feel I am doing the same thing, thus making this sampler a little bit my own as well.


  1. I would have to do the same. At least it will be a one of a kind. CJ ok;-)

  2. Lovely progress! I am always afraid to change errors because I would get to the 3/4 finished mark and realize that I couldn't get it all to fit. Math has never been my strong suit! YGG--I can't wait to see it as you progress! I think it makes it your own, too.